How to complete the submission form : 

1. All fields are compulsory

2. Bio field - Please include some information about yourself such as, your favorite trick and style, how long you have been skating, do you prefer vert or street skating, your favorite skating brands etc.

3. On submission, you are only allowed adding 1 x profile picture. However, once you have submitted your profile and made your payment, please send additional pictures as well as 'sponsor me' video here :

Submit additional pictures and video

Once you are completed/submitted this form and made your payment via Paypal, your profile will be live within 24 hours !

Should you wish to see an example, go HERE !


Please make sure you complete and submit this form BEFORE proceeding to Payments ! Once you have submitted your profile, you will be redirected to a page that will take you to the payments page. 

You will also receive weekly updates on your profile :)

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On submission you are only allowed adding one profile picture. However, after you have submitted your profile AND made your payment, you can go here to submit your additional pictures and video :

Submit additional pictures and/or video Here (via email)

Please include your profile/user name in your email when sending additional pictures/video.

Additional pictures and video will be uploaded to your profile within 24 hours !


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